Become a BFF Partner

Our generation knows when a company is trying to sell them a product, but when they view a creative outdoor film, they feel inspired and motivated to explore. We are looking for outdoor brands interested in reaching their audience in this new way. As a BFF partner, your support will help us create inspiring outdoor films (what we do well) and we will provide you with video marketing content along with credit in our film.

It’s important to us that we find the right partners … ones with mission statements that align with the work we’re doing at Blue Forest Films. This is different from sponsorship in that we are offering you something in return and partnering to advance our common goals.

Water Master Raft

How it works

1.) BFF produces an adventure film incorporating use of your product(s) that reinforces your brand’s mission in the narrative.
We love your shit and can show it off better than a cheesy ad can.

2.) BFF tags your logo onto the beginning of our film and enters it into film festivals.
People love watching adventure films. It’s simple, no BS branding.

3.) BFF repurposes shots from their adventure and creates a 30 second ad for your brand.
Because we know you still want that cheesy ad.

4.) BFF will boost their adventure film on social media targeting your preferred audience.
Because we know other people will love your shit just as much as we do.